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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Teeth White

In order to keep your teeth looking it’s best, you should always have regular, checkups, cleanings and even teeth whitening treatments. But here are some simple tips to keep your teeth looking white in between dental visits.

1) Don’t drink beverages that will stain your teeth. The major culprit here is coffee. The average white collar worker drinks an average of 6 cups of coffee a day. That means cut down on your trips to Tim Horton’s or Starbucks.

2) If you’re drinking soda or juice, use a straw. It’s a very simple way to minimize contact with your teeth.

3) If you simply swish with water right after you drink something, it will help significantly reduce stains on your teeth. This is especially true for drinks like red wine and coffee which are the biggest teeth stainers we consume in high volumes.

4) Don’t smoke. There are many reasons not to smoke. Everyone knows by now that it’s not good for your health. But in addition to degrading your lungs and other organs, it can also have detrimental affects on your teeth.

5) Brush and floss after every meal and every drink. This one may be difficult in our fast-paced lives. But if you are able to make this a habit, as many fellow dentists do, it will cut down on the amount of whitening treatments you will need and keep your teeth looking white and healthy longer.

There is no rocket science to keeping your teeth clean. Yes, there are many products that you can buy that claim to whiten teeth, and many do. But why go to all that trouble and cost when simply swishing, brushing, avoiding and going to the dentist regularly will do the trick fine.

This was a post written by a fellow colleague at Alliance Dentistry in Cary, NC.